Quality Control

AMRC Quality Control:



AMRC Quality Control system works in three levels for each study to ensure our high level fieldwork operation. In each project we have an independent quality control team of 2 executives (Male & Female).




Retail Auditors training (Monthly or Bi-Monthly) before going to the Field.


Project manager gives training to the team members to ensure all of them know about the project operation before starting.


Pre-testing/ pilot and briefing before the project ,Field work accompanied/Audit interview, Recording, Quality control department administering the whole process, Quota control, And project manager following up the progress every day.


In the Field:


Field Supervision, Spot Checks and Field accompaniments.


Call backs:


- Randomly field visit (store visit) 5% of sample size per period.


- 25%-35% telephonic for Retail Audit (Monthly).


Questionnaire checking-100% checked by supervisor on the spot Then Project manager and quality controllers conduct 30% telephone check after interview.


Back checks– 25%-35% in CRPs– performed by the independent Quality Control team in the office.


Each interviewer should not do more than 7% of the sample.


Post Field:


Data Validation


Logic Checks


Random re-punch